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Long Cove Club had been so successful for so long that marketing the club was not a high priority. Members were happy, the club was successful, and demand was great. As a proactive step to reintroduce the club and keep the success coming, Long Cove Club turned to WDM to develop a new brand and strategic positioning of the club to create awareness and eventually demand for homes and membership in this exclusive club. In the words of the marketing team, they knew they had to advertise, but they weren’t sure where and what to say to get the greatest return on their advertising investment. WDM developed a brilliant new brand message and a creative and innovative way of delivering that message. The result has been across the board increase in home sales, in sale prices, and in realtor visits.

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Moss Creek had been maintaining their marketing internally for a number of years, which served them well for a long time. It had been a number of years since they had made refinements to their brand, and the need was arising for a fresh approach both creatively and tactically for positioning Moss Creek to find their place in the booming Bluffton real estate market. The marketing team at Moss Creek heard about the WDM success formula from other marketing managers at high-end private club communities and reached out to see what team WDM could do for them. Moss Creek had a remarkable story to tell including one of the most naturally beautiful and ideally located pieces of land in the South Carolina Lowcountry. It was time to build a brand story from the ground up that was an accurate and authentic representation of this special and unique community. The WDM process revealed interesting stories that showcased the strong connection that club members have to nature and the community. The WDM creative team was able to present them in new and exciting ways including the latest digital tactics coupled with traditional media.


For  decades,  we’ve  associated  the  center  of  things  as  the  place  where  all  the  action  happens.  Command  centers.  Town  centers.  Center  court.  The  center  provides  the  heartbeat,  the  pulse,  with  all  excitement  emanating  from  there, and  every  great  destination  has  its  center.  New  York  City  has  Times  Square.  Boston  has  Faneuil  Hall.  Chicago  has  the  Magnificent  Mile.  With  the  addition  of  Shelter  Cove  Towne  Centre,  Hilton  Head  Island  has  found  its  energy  center: a place  designed  to  pull  people  in;  a  place  where  you  feel  drawn  to  the  magnetic  excitement;  a  place  that’s  filled  with  the  hustle  and  bustle  of  life.  

The  new  apartments  at  Shelter  Cove  Towne  Centre  moved one  step  closer  to  fulfilling  the  original  vision  for  this  exciting  new  development  as  an  energy  center  and  gathering  place  for  our  community. These  new  apartments  are  unlike  anything  Hilton  Head  Island  has  seen  before, and the development team at Southeastern knew that they had one chance to launch them right.  Building on the successful branding and launch of the Shelter Cove Towns Centre, the team at WDM presented  the stunning  new  apartments  with an equally unique and memorable name and branding campaign that  is  timely, unique, and will  immediately  change  the  landscape  of  Hilton  Head  real  estate.  

Welcome to WaterWalk.


Our relationship with K. Hovnanian actually began years earlier on the set of the hit ABC TV show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. That is where we met the eventual VP of sales for the southeast coastal region for K. Hovaninan Homes. After he took the new job, WDM was one of his first calls. The successful regional promotion of this national builder would fuel growth and future development in the area, and they wanted to do things right. The team at WDM drew upon years of successful resort and real-estate marketing to build a regional campaign based on the national brand for this award winning builder. We conducted marketing audits based on site visits to each of their communities in the southeast region. We learned what was working and where there were opportunities to improve. We developed nine unique campaigns for nine unique communities, and the results formed the foundation of a relationship that has lasted for years. Together we have innovated, refined, and perfected the marketing of K. Hovnanian communities in the southeast and are looking forward to the next big development, which is soon to be announced.

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Sea Pines Country Club came to WDM with a need to polish up its image to coincide with the exciting new renovations and enhancements to the club itself. They needed new marketing tools and a creative story to present the club and all of its renovations to potential new members both inside and outside of Sea Pines Plantation. The WDM brand process led to the story of the circle. Just beyond the Sea Pines Circle, tucked inside the gates of the world famous Sea Pines Resort, there’s another circle, one that’s a bit of a best kept secret. It’s a circle of Sea Pines Country Club family and friends who come together to enjoy an unparalleled wealth of private amenities and personal services, to play golf and tennis, and to savor world class cuisine, a lively social whirl, and the Lowcountry lifestyle at its best. This story resulted in beautiful new marketing materials that generated interest, inquiry, and new members to the club.